Mohamad, Electricity Vocational Training
Mohammad 19 year-old, a first year electricity student, lives with his ten individuals’ family in Rafah. The condition of his house is humble; his father is an old sick and unemployment man. Mohamad couldn’t join a university after finishing his high school because of his critical financial situation, so he decided to join an electricity educational center to enable himself to get an appropriate job to secure his future and to support his family. Due to his hard conditions, the center decided to give him an opportunity to learn and develop his skills; he feels grateful for his given chance and aspires to finish his study, and to develop his capacity as much as he can. At first he was feeling shy and not comfortable to deal with new people, and the center provided him with the needed psychosocial support through our program and helped him to accept his colleges in the center. Based on the experience and skills he is going to gain through our courses, he is planning to seek for a job opportunity to household his family and to be financially independent.