Doha, Secretary and English Language Studies 2011
My name is Doha, 20 years old.  I live in the Middle Area, Al Nosairat, with my nine individual family; most of them are university students.  My father works as a bus driver and his monthly salary is only 200$ which is not enough to cover our basic needs. I am facing many difficulties and obstacles to come to NECC; my father pushes me to attend the course because he can’t afford the transportation fees. My enrollment to the secretarial center like a fog dream. I will face challenges and difficulties all the time until I finish the twelve month course and get my certificate. I feel bonded to my class, teachers and colleagues. They helped me to break the ice and have the courage to express myself and speak up my mind. I wish to pass this year and have a good job opportunity to support my family, my father and be able to enhance my livelihood conditions and be financially secure.  I owe NECC for giving me the chance and space to start achieving my dreams and plans, I feel grateful to my teachers and colleagues and promise not to let them down.