Asmaa, Advanced Dress Making Center.
Asmaa a 19 year-old lady lives at Al Naser Area in the Gaza city with her 8 individual family. Asmaa dropped out her high school due to her inability to read and right; her father is a very conservative person and she hardly go outside home. Due to the good reputation of NECC, the father allowed Asmaa to enroll the Advanced Dress Making Center at NECC. Asmaa explained that now she is not only able to do tailoring but also she is able to read and write through the illiterate classes she enrolled during her dress making training course ; she feels more self confidence and independent. “Previously I had the minimum knowledge about tailoring, but know I am able to produce a kitchen gown and an Islamic dress “Abaya” by my own, I gifted my mother and aunties kitchen gowns made by me” Asmaa stated with a smile. Asmaa seeks to be financially independent and is planning to find a job opportunity after graduation.