Salha Fora, Secretary
Salha is a 21 year old young lady; lives in Gaza City at Al Shaja'a Neighborhood.  Her family consists of 11 members; most of them had no chance to complete their education due to their critical financial situation.  Her father is a low wage worker he fixes cookers, kitchen utilities… etc.   “Once my father got a loan from some people and now he cannot pay it back, we are suffering from this dilemma, we even cannot afford our basic needs” Salha stated. Two months ago my mother went to Egypt to accompany my grandmother for her cancer treatment; we don't know when they are coming.  As a result I am responsible to take care of the house in addition to my educational responsibility; I really feel overloaded. Joining the secretarial center is my goal and I am not leaving it until I achieve my purposes.  Being part of  the center made me stronger woman by gaining  knowledge and social relations. I hope I will success, and get a good job to help my father, and improve myself.