Eman, Secretarial Center
My name is Eman, I finished my secondary school in 2009 and I can't enter any university due to the poor economic situation of my family My father work builder ,but he didn’t work most of the time.  Our life became worse and worse.  We are four girls and four boys. Joining the secretarial Center affected my life and my personality, it provided me with information and made me more opened to the life. For my family: they are waiting for my results to the final exams as they look for my graduation to get a job opportunity and be able to help them to save our needs. Our society look to the NECC secretarial center as a good opportunity for the female students in the Gaza Strip. In my life I try to make things better in school and focus in the study to achieve my goals and commitment to the goal of my family, I try to respect the center rules  imposed on us as students, that's what make my life more disciplined and committed. I missed  a lot of things in my life but  this year my father bought to me a computer to be able to learn more and to succeed. Special thanks to my teachers in NECC secretarial center  who help me  a lot and support me all the time and never let me feel that  I am lower than any other student in the center , they made me more confident of myself and encouraged me to study hard and succeed.