Doha, Advance Dress Making Center.
My name is Doha, I am 18 years old, live in Gaza City/ Al-zawaida area, with my 9 family members. My father used to work in Israel.  But now he is not working because of the current circumstances and the siege. I didn't complete my education because of the difficult economic situation.  So I was encouraged to join the NECC Advanced dress making course, to learn a craft such as sewing which will make me able to have a decent job in which it would be a source of living for me and my family, but at the same time am looking forward  continuing  my education in the future. At this moment, I am learning sewing in NECC, receiving some aid from UNRWA, also a part time work for my father which rarely cover all my family necessary needs. I wish from sponsors to cover the fees of the course for the students, also the cost of raw materials which they use during the course.  Moreover, to give each student a sewing machine in the end of each year to start her living and life, and to help her to survive in her bad economical circumstances, a way of enhancing their families lives.