Nour El Deen, 2nd year Electricity, VTC – Al Qarara.
Nour is living in Jabalia camp, his family consists of 5 members , his father works as a temporary employee in Gaza municipality (water department).  His low salary covers just the essential needs of the family. Before joining the VTC he used to work at blocks factory, with a low income by which he helps his family. He left school unwilling to continue his studying, so he joined the NECC - VTC electricity department, believing that he will own a decent profession which will stand him up and his family. The student has learned through his participation in the program how to be independent, committed to be on time, and gain self confidence and the formation of friendships and intimate relationships with colleagues and to learn more and more about life in addition to learning the profession of electricity. The student wishes to terminate his study and looks the high school certificate in the future. He hopes to get a good job, to assist his father with the family expenses and work with his profession.