Ahmed, 2nd year in carpentry, VTC – Gaza.
Ahmed lives with 14 family members , unemployed father, so the older brother takes care of his big family. The student dropped out from the school because of the bad economic situation, he never liked school and studying even writing or reading. Also He decided to join the VTC carpentry department as his family won't be able to let him join university. All his family members encourage him to join VTC –Gaza as his older brother graduated years ago from this center. In the past Ahmed was earning some money by selling used mobile phones in the local market. Through joining carpentry department he became more creative in this field and could make different shapes by wooden pieces, he gain self esteem, became more courage to look to his future and opened his arm wide with his skills and talents which he discovered through the center. Ahmed is looking forward to help his family by starting a carpentry workshop, with his older brother, to raise his family level financially and socially.