Sabah .. .. NECC Al Shajaea Clinic
Sabah, is a one of the of NECC Al Shajaea clinic beneficiaries, she used to attend our clinic , she is 37 years old, married with 8 family members , lived in Gaza city, Al-Shajaea area, her husband is unemployed, we lived in very hard economic situation, some day we can't offer a piece of bread for my children, we can't a save for them their simplest needs. "These reasons let me suffer of some psychological problems, I became constantly angry, nervous, worry, depressed and no stop for sad thoughts in my mind". She complained to the psychosocial counselor in the clinic and registered in the PSS program in the NECC family care center. The psychosocial counselor calmed her down, assuring that she is not a psycho patient and she told Sabah that knowing your disease is the first step of being healthy. Mrs. Sabah is joining “mind and body skills” sessions conducted in the clinic with the psychosocial counselor to overcome her problems, she applied 6 sessions with the counselor, showing that her health status is much important that anything else in the world, also she should have faith in God. After my experience she said, I advise all women to take care of their mental health which reflects both mental and physical health."I would like to thank NECC Shajaeaa Clinic and its unique staff for the great support they gave to me and to others. I wish the continuous good work for the psycho- social support program because it is so important and essential in every individual's life.