Dalia, NECC Rafah Clinic, Anemia Project
I am the mother of the child: Dalia, From Rafah.  We live in a concrete house, consist of 2 rooms only, we are 7 individual families.  My husband is unemployed, so there is no source of income. On 7/6/2011 two community workers have visited us introducing themselves and the place they work at.  They announced that there is a malnutrition and anemia program they are working at, so they took my child's height, weight and Hb measures to check the health situation of my child.  My daughter height was: 68.5 cm, weight: 7.700 kg, and Hb: 10.3.  These results showed that my child had anemia.  They advised me and gave me some instructions and advices how to overcome this problem, providing me two brochures about malnutrition and anemia and the most nutritious food rich in vitamins and minerals.  Also they gave me iron supplement , and then gave me an appointment date to follow up at the clinic. On 5/7/2011 was my next visit for NECC clinic in the ante malnutrition and anemia program.  My child had anorexia and dental problems, she got improved and by following up and medication. My daughter now  is healthy and become more vivid and active, facing no more problems. The mother added that she got a lot from the NECC Rafah clinic, “they gave me a lot of health education sessions which benefited me and my family too in raising our health awareness.  Finally, I would like to thank all your dearest staff and efforts wishing the continuance of the malnutrition and anemia program to benefit all the children who suffer from malnutrition and anemia.