Alia, NECC Al Darraj Clinic.
Alia is a 55 year's old lady, suffering from chronic diseases, diabetes mellitus , high blood pressure and joints pain.  Moreover, she lives in a tragic small house, no ventilation, with her husband, her sons and grandchildren. They are suffering from this bad situation all the time.  Regarding those hard economic situation she won't be able to come to clinic to receive her treatment, NECC Al darraj clinic staff knew about that, so they decided to visit Alia at her home, during the visit we knew that she was extremely sick, and she has no money at all.  we encourage her to attend the clinic to check her health status by examination, lab tests and we felt her pain. NECC darraj clinic staff helped her and still as much as they can. Now Alia comes regularly to the clinic for the physician examination and medication. Alia now becomes much better, she thanked all the staff members in NECC Darraj Clinic and wished more and more flourishing for NECC and its clinics for the decent and honored work they do for the community.