Reem, Advance dress making center.
My name is Reem, I am 16 years old, lives in Gaza City/ Thalathini Street, with my 28 individual's family. My father used to work in Israel.  But now he is unemployed because of the current circumstances and the siege. I didn't complete my education because I wasn't able to write and read very well.  So my only way to rescue myself of being lost is joining the NECC Advance dress making course, to learn a craft which will make me able to have a decent job in which it would be a source of living for me and my family. Being not able to write or read led me to drop out from school, but through joining NECC Advance dress making course, I was able to read and write very well. I wish from sponsors to cover the fees of the course for the students, also the cost of raw materials which they use during the course.  Moreover, to give each student a sewing machine at the end of each year to start her living and life, and to help her to survive in her bad economical circumstances, a way of enhancing their families lives.