Nour, Secretarial Center.
My name is Nour, I'm 20 year old, lives in Al Remal Street. My family consists of 8 individuals.  My father has 2 wives.  He refused to let me join the university.  So, I joined the secretarial center regarding to the good reputation of the NECC , and for the difficult social and financial situations we face.  Though, we pay nominal fees with an authorized certificate.  After the year of studying at NECC secretarial center I advice all women to study in it, I got much benefit whether socially and mentally.  I gain new friends, and have a broad knowledge in different subjects. I'm single, so this certificate is a good weapon for me to face the difficulties of life, and live a decent life with an honorable certificate.  At the center, we trained to work hard, bear the pressure of work, do all our loads of work without tension.  So I feel so powerful with the capacities I gained from our teachers. I would like to say thanks to my beloved teachers, specially my typing and computer teacher whom taught us the language of the century which is (computer) and how to deal with easily. Thanks to every teacher taught me a word, thanks to NECCC which let me have this important opportunity by joining them.  Now I'm looking forward to have a good job to support my family and improve myself.