Mohammed, VTC
Mohammed is living in Nusairat City in Gaza Strip. His family consists of 6 members; his father is unemployed. He wasn’t desired to continue his school studying, so he seeks for job to secure his future. His father encouraged him to register in a Vocational Training Center for electricity to learn its skills as it is a decent job for his future.  He wishes to finish his study in the VTC’S and to find work to secure himself and his family. Mohammed is now working from time to time in the field of electricity to get experience qualifies him for the labor market after his graduation from the center. Through his enrolment in the VTC’s for electricity, he formed good relations and friendship with his colleagues inside the center and deals with all respectively. Mohammed is satisfied from the VTC’s education and programs that increase his knowledge and experience. He hopes to have the high school secondary certificate after being graduated from the center and to get suitable career for his future.