Asaad, VTC.
Asaad lives with 11 family individuals, his father is workless long time ago, he used to be a tailor, but now he works from time to time in a supermarket. Asaad used to work in the supermarket to help his family, and to cover the expenses of school where he used to go before he joined the VTC.  He left school according to his father's advice specially he didn't like studying, reading and writing, and to bosses a profession to  benefit him in the future. After his departure from the VTC, he is working now at a carpentry shop which develops his craft, and gives him a simple allowance he spends to his family. Asaad is so happy that he joined VTC carpentry department, because he feels so confident and independent.  Looking to his future with a brighter look, especially he is eager to help his family more and more. Asaad is wishing after graduation to start a carpentry project with his father, but he admits that the financial situation is very difficult to start such a project, but he is praying to start a new, small one at first.