Zakaria, Darraj Family Care Center.
I am  Zakaria, I'm 8 years old  in the primary school, I live in Darraj area,  Jaffa  street, the number of my family members is 7. I love my school and my teachers but I always feel afraid that the other students will hit me at school specially when I see them fighting each others, also I am afraid of the darkness especially when the electricity cut off as I feel suffocating and that there are scary creatures then I run away to my mother hug and I stuck to her for long time. My mother decided to take me to the social worker Heba in Darraj center who sat with me and explained to me that it is a natural feeling that we are all afraid of the darkness and that she feel afraid too, she also let ??me seat with other children who were afraid of the darkness and we talked together, we draw our concerns and dreams, we used to go to miss Heba weekly , now I feel better and I can now walk up and down the stairs in our house even in darkness but using a handle lamp for lighting.  I  really love the activities we do inside NECC clinic with miss Heba every Friday  with the children ,now I  have many new friends through those meetings and activities  and I hope to continue to attend and participate in the this program to  draw, dance, sing and play.  My mother is happy now that I am able to pass through the fear feelings and I can go to buy from the shop when she asked me to do that. My mother told Miss Heba that I will continue participating in the psychosocial support program.