Malak, Shijaia family care center
Our story this time is for the Child Malak, she lives in Shijaia area  with  her family consists of nine members and an unemployed father and the child has a problem in her eyes that need a specific surgery, but her family cannot pay for the expenses. The girl child used to follow up in NECC family care center in Shijaia. The community worker  took the length, weight measurements and HB that  showed that Malak is anemic with HB  9.9. So the staff nurse gave the mother the  instructions and advices about the health status of Malak and the main nutrition needed for her to improve her HB level and also gave her two brochures about anemia and malnutrition and explained to her the contents of the twp brochures and the appropriate method to give the Iron supplement to Malak and then the staff nurse gave the mother the card of Malak including the next appointment date for the follow up. In the day of the follow up Malak came with her mother to the clinic and the new measurements taken showed an improvement in HB to be 10.4 and then the Nutrition project team gave the mother more advices and support to continue in the same nutrition system with her child and continue give the Iron supplement to Malak as usual and they gave her the next appointment date for the next follow up visit. - In the time the mother came to the clinic with Malak and the staff nurse gave her  the third therapeutic dose of Iron according to the therapeutic protocol  and gave her another appointment date for follow-up. Due to the difficult conditions of Malak family , she couldn’t  attend on time for follow up then the health community  worker called the mother by phone to find out the reason for the delay then the mother promised to come to the center but again she didn’t come and the community worker called the mother again and inform the mother how much is important for her child to attend the clinic for the follow up then the mother came with her child Malak and the measurements showed that her HB became 10.7 and gave her the fourth therapeutic dose and advised the mother to continue follow up and gave her more advices about anemia and the appropriate nutrition. On 30/05/2012  Malak attended with her mother to the clinic  and the HB became 11.4 so the staff nurse gave the mother the first preventative dose of Iron and the importance of the preventative dose of Iron  and also she gave her another appointment date after a month. Malak came with her mother on time and  took the  second dose  then the third dose after a month  and during all those appointment dates the measurements showed that Malak was recovered completely and now she is  healthy and graduated from the nutrition project. So the mother thanked the NECC and the team of the Family care center for all their efforts to recover her child health status and she said that she appreciated that too much and hope that NECC continue providing those services to the children in need.