Ola, Secretarial Studies Center
Ola from the Secretarial Studies and English Language Center I’m the student Ola Salah Sadeq, aged 28 years old living in Gaza City/El Wehda St. My family consists of 5 members. My father is retired. I’m divorced and I have two children and often to see them because they are under their father’s custody. So at what shall I do? It was so hard for me to continue my education within the society harsh judgment on divorced women. Lots of people relatives advised me to join NECC Secretarial Studies and English Language course and I did.  When I joined the center, I used to be shy, alone, and trust no one. But after 6 months I feel relief, happy, and now I have so many ideas to follow and draw stable steps to my future. I have friends now who keep encouraging me to continue my life. ..I feel really brave and strong personality. I hope to succeed and give myself the chance to get improved intellectually and financially to find work and so depend on myself. I feel that I own my life and can determine and decide my future by myself not society or anybody else.