Mahmoud, Gaza VTC.
Mahmoud from Gaza Vocational training  for Carpentry and Furniture Making /Aluminum and Metal Works I am a first-year student at the NECC Vocational Training Center-Aluminum and Metal Works Section. I was born in Gaza, and I am now 16 years old. My family consists of 9 members. My father is unemployed that he was used to work as a tailor in Israel. My mother is a house-wife looks after my brothers and sisters. My disabled cousin is living with us as his father is in Sweden and his mother is dead. We depend mainly on UNRWA assistance to secure our food. I was not able to complete high school as I have a learning difficulty that is related to a weakness in reading, writing and comprehension. In addition, my father couldn’t afford the school expenses.  I decided to learn a craft and heard about NECC VTC’s from my friends and encouraged by my family.  I used to be a calm person; did not have any friends and seldom left the house. I came to NECC Vocational Training Center and chose the Aluminum and Metal Works section; I also participated with other students in the psychosocial program, where group counseling and recreational activities take place. The illiteracy program is very important as it enables me to learn how to read and write. Today, I am a changed person, always surrounded by my friends from the VTC, I am very active and enthusiastic to complete the course and help my family and other people in re-constructing their homes. I feel self-confident and depend on myself. I hope to graduate taken this diploma that will help me to find work and improve my abilities.