Nada, Darraj family Care Center.
Nada  is a 11 years old girl from Gaza , studying at preparatory school , lives with her parents, her 6 siblings and her grandmother who is so sick and is suffering from heart disease , Nada’s family help and serve the grandmother as she cannot help herself, their house is very modest and the father didn’t work all the time so he  is not able to meet all their life needs but Nada’s uncles uncles sometimes supported them. Nada suffered from bed wetting problem and she used to feel shy due to that problem  daily and sometimes she wished to die every morning when she woke up and found that she had bedwetting this morning also, her mother decided to talk to the psychosocial counselor in NECC Darraj center as the mother failed to solve the problem with herself and she used to blame Nada and punish her, then the counselor discussed the problem with the mother and they put together a plan to solve the problem , also she supported Nada and encouraged her and step by step Nada cope with her problem and finally  she did it , now Nada is so happy and she wish to continue like this as she feels now more comfort and relax. Nada said that the counselor enrolled her with a group of children in several PSS activities and she is too satisfied. At the end Nada sent her warm greetings and thanks to the counselor and to NECC-PSS program team. ( Nada is the girl with pink dress in the photo)