Noor, Shijaia Family Care Center
Noor, a  child girl aged 13 years in the first year of  preparatory  school  from the Shijaia Gaza city, she is smart , intelligent  student and get first place on the school each year ,she has a strong character but her problem is suffering from being  alone  as she has no sisters or brothers, Nour said : I  complained of introversion and isolation at home, this causes me pain inside and it is so painful for me to watch  brothers and sisters attend school together and go out together and play together, but I'm alone!!! Yes  I have many friends, many games but this is not enough , I need brothers to  play with them …I love my parents so much , I know that they also feel pain inside that  they do not have more children, they tried but they failed , unfortunately treatment did not succeed . Noor thanks the psychosocial counselor at Shijaia family care center for her efforts and support as she enrolled her in the PSS program with other children of same age, she met a nice girl called Nadeen and through the PSS activities and sessions they became friends, Noor said that Nadeen is as a sister for her , they have similar thoughts, feelings and behavior. Nadeen and I'm thanking the counselor as she  brought us together in the Mind and Body medicine sessions until  we became friends and our family got to know each other and had home visits. At the end the two girls sent their warm greetings and thanks to NECC for the PSS program as it made their life happy and draw smiles on their faces.