Heba, advanced dress making Center
My name is Heba. I live in Gaza Strip / El Nasser area in a house with 4 members. I didn’t continue my secondary education and I stayed at home doing nothing for my life. I felt boring and insisted that I have to find a way for helping myself and my family as well. I joined NECC advanced dressmaking course. I was encouraged by my parents to accomplish this course and get a certificate diploma in that field. Under my enrollment in this course, I feel that I’m a changed person with new horizons and thoughts. . I have friends now who keep encouraging me to continue my life. ..I feel really brave and strong personality…I learnt how to be patient to draw future steps in my life. I hope to succeed and give myself the chance to get improved intellectually and financially to find work and so depend on myself. I encourage all of my friends to enroll NECC advanced dressmaking to learn the tailoring craft. Even if I don’t find work outside, I will buy a sewing machine and start my own business.  Thanks a lot for NECC program that enable me to depend on myself and to qualify me as well for getting job opportunity.