Mohammed, VTC Gaza.
I’m Mohammed, 2nd year student. I live in Gaza City with my family consists of 6 members. I got a high secondary school certificate but unwilling to continue my university study as I see that the majority of our universities’ graduates are staying at home with no jobs due to the high level rates of unemployment in Gaza Strip. This makes me feel hopeless and disappointed. Thus I decided to learn a craft that at least enable me to secure my expenses and build for my future life. I was encouraged by my dad who is a Dentist to apply for NECC VTC of General Electricity and Motor Rewinding as I preferred and desired. When NECC told me that I had been succeeded and selected to join this course, you can’t imagine how excited I was to get this opportunity, meet others, communicate and learn.  Under my enrollment in this course, I feel that I’m starting to draw my dreams, practice new craft, and gain more experience… I have friends and excellent trainers now who keep encouraging me to continue my life. ..I feel really brave, self-confident and strong personality… I hope to graduate and get the diploma certificate to be improved intellectually and financially to find work and so depend on myself.   Thanks a lot for NECC program that enable me to develop my skills and qualify my abilities as well for getting job opportunity in the field of electricity soon.