Riyad Abu Qwaik, VTC Gaza Instructor.
Riyad Abu Qwaik, NECC Gaza VTC’s Instructor of Metal Works and welding, aged 52 years. He is living in Zaitoun area in Gaza Strip. His family consists of 14 members. He has a disabled daughter suffered from congenital knee deformities. He spent all his years in preparing his house and securing his family. While in a matter of seconds, his house was damaged severely due to a bombardment by F16 jets targeted a nearby house; he has to flee and displaced to other member of his family. All of his house furniture is burned, broken windows and doors. He couldn’t stay at his relative member house for long time due to the big size of his family , thus he decided to replace to live in two rent apartments and pay $400 that afford him more financial suffering. Moreover, his son is engaged and couldn’t marry due to war that deprived him from his wedding dream. NECC gave him the opportunity to repair his minor damages constitutes in Glass and Aluminum Windows that protect them, funded by PMP. This opportunity helped him to return back to his house with his family and alleviate his financial suffering from rent payment. Also, his engaged son is going to marry at the end of April.