Vocational Education and Training program

Program’s overview:
One of Near East Council of Churches’ (NECC) main program is the Vocational Training and Education; which seeks to eliminate the suffering of poor male and female students and enable them enjoy their basic human rights, through providing adequate vocational training and education opportunities along with supporting them to create decent career life. 

 In addition, helping the dropped out students to be able to fit in the society in particular, and to contribute in ensuring the students’ life with dignity in general.  The program was originally launched in the fifties and sixties and additional department was developed in the eighties to contribute to sustainable economic development; and to prepare specialized technical and vocational program to meet the needs of local markets and to cope with the latest developments and to provide youth with the desired knowledge, skill, and attitudes to secure suitable job opportunities. 

NECC in Gaza Strip supervises four training centers; two of which are exclusively technical and vocational training and education centers, while other ones are Advanced Dress Making center and Secretarial Studies and English Language. 

As NECC believes and promotes for gender equity, Gaza and Al Qarara centers targeting male students and the other two centers targeting female students.

The four NECC vocational training centers are listed in the following table:


 Vocational and Education Center

 Year of Establishment


 Duration of study


 Carpentry and Furniture Making/ Metal/Aluminum Works and Welding


 Gaza City, Al Shyja’ya area

 3 years


 Secretarial Studies

and English Language


 Gaza City, Rimal, NECC building

 One year


 Advanced Dressmaking


 One year


 General Electricity and Motor Rewinding


 Khan Younis, south of Gaza city, Al Qarara Area

 2 years

The participants at each program are requested to pay a nominal contribution not a fee as a mean to promote the participant's ownership of the program and ideals of shared responsibility.

Program purpose: 
Contribute to improving the economic and living conditions of the poor, graduates, and professionals working in the vocational sector.

Program’s objectives:

-    Provide high quality education and training in a variety of designed skills and professions to target groups in accordance with the requirements of the society and market needs.

   Improve and enhance the performance of the workers in the vocational and technical sector.

-    Assist NECCCRW's graduates in finding job opportunities.

Target groups:

1-    Female secondary school graduates (Secretarial and English Language center).

2-    Up 16 years old female students (Advanced Dress Making Center)

3-    Dropped out  male school students; 14-16 years old (Carpentry and Furniture Making/ Metal/Aluminum Works and Welding vocational training center)

4-    10th grade male school students;   16-23 years old  ( Electricity vocational training center)

Vocational Education and Training program Outputs and Activities:

  • Dropped out school students receive training on carpentry/furniture making, welding and aluminum work
  • Young men receive training on general electrical skills and motor and transformer rewinding.
  • Female secondary school graduates receive training on secretarial and office management.
  • Female preparatory school graduates receive training on sewing.
  • Establishing communication mechanism between NECC’s vocational centers and graduates
  • Building the capacity of the vocational sector workers.