Psychosocial Interventions common to Heath and Technical Education and Training

Program’s overview:

One of Near East Council of Churches’ core activities is the Psycho social Program which seeks to help children develop into healthy, productive adults. The well-being of children requires attention to all areas of their growth needs:  physical (health, nutrition), social, cognitive, emotional and spiritual. Children’s health and nutrition determine whether their physical and mental development is normal which influences their psychological health.  A depressed child may lose his/her appetite and stop eating, and may be prone to more illnesses. Our program addresses basic needs of children for health and normal development. However, it is not only the minimum package of services we place around children, but also the way in which those services are delivered. We believe that talking about “good enough mothering” for a child or adolescent to achieve healthy development, and shore up their ability to cope and recover from adversity; that’s why NECC’s psychosocial program targets the whole family , epically women, mothers and their children.

The program was originally launched in 2009 after the offensive “Cast Lead Operation” against Gaza Strip, to enhance the capacities and skills of young psychosocial specialists and social workers. So, those specialists and social workers will play an active and vibrant role to reduce the stress and trauma of the Palestinian families, they will become human rights defenders and advocators for child rights and protection.

At the beginning there was no solid design strategic plan for this program, effective monitoring and evaluation tools and reporting mechanism, as it merged as an emergency need.  The next year we utilized an effective strategy that fulfilled the gaps revealed previously in relation to certain indicators.

Even the period of launching this program is short but it proved its importance through the successful and positive impact of the initiatives and projects undertaken under its umbrella, due to the necessity need of such activities.

The program focused on the Palestinian families through the health centers, vocational centers, secretarial center, advance dress making center, NECC staff and cooperation and coordination with relevant organizations.


Program purpose:

To contribute in developing and enhancing the psychosocial health for our beneficiaries (children, mothers, females, male and female students, parents) .

Program’s objectives:

1- To provide psychosocial support for the mothers and children who constantly visit the family caring centers and the residents around the centers.

2-To provide psychosocial support for the male and female vocational training center students and their parents.

3-To enhance and improve the capacity of the specialists working under the umbrella of the psychosocial program.

4-To enhance the coordination and cooperation mechanism between the specialized organizations on how to provide adequate services for the beneficiaries.

Target groups:

Children, mothers, male and female students and their parents, NECC staff, females living around the centers.

Target areas:

Shija’yah, Daraj and Rafah.

Types of activities:

Psychological support sessions, home visits, awareness sessions, recreational and educational activities, providing gifts, milk and biscuits, implementing community based interventions projects, counseling, group guiding, emotional discharge courses for the staff, capacity building, referral mechanism,  exchange knowledge and experiences, preparing questionnaires to evaluate the program.